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Fuuka Yamagishi
[Today, Fuuka has decided to try something different. She's given up on her cooking adventures for a short while to try her hand at other domestic abilities.

Today's failure? Cleaning. Her Murkrow is currently holding the camera in it's beak, and she gives it a slight wave before.. er, going to work. After a while, it becomes very apparent that she doesn't know what she's doing. Books are soon strewn everywhere, couches overturned, bedrooms looked like a smallscale hurricane had passed through.. she even managed to catch a few things on fire. Who knew so many household items were flammable? Fuuka didn't!

After she finished, she.. er, surveyed the room a bit. It wasn't exactly what she was going for. ... 2nd times the charm, right?

SO. She moves on to the NEXT room. And after that, the NEXT. Each one begins to look worse than the last. If you were a member of Fuuka's traveling party, there is.. a chance that she may have ravaged your room, too.]

T-This didn't.. go how I planned it to!
Fuuka Yamagishi
[Today's broadcast has been brought to you by Fuuka's mischievous Meowth. You can hear what sounds like snickering as he maneuvers himself under a coffee table.

Fuuka comes into view, and she's wearing.. a rather skimpy bikini. She sighs as she twirls around in the mirror.]

I think I'm having deja vu.. This feels like Yakushima all over again. You'd think after all this camping I'd have lost a little weight, but it doesn't seem like it's changed at all..

[sighing again, she plops down on the bed.]

In fact, I think I might have gained a little weight.. Ooh, why can't I
have a perfect body like Yukari-chan? Maybe I should ask her if she diets.. T-That seems a bit invasive, though.

Why did I go for this style of bikini, anyways? This definitely doesn't suit me well.. It's not my style at all. Especially since I don't have the... assets to fill it.

[Her eyes travel to the door. She notices she left it open..]

Oh, I forgot to close the door! That would have been really bad.
[chuckling, she stands and makes her way to the door. Saturn quickly turns off the gear and returns it to her bag.]

Fuuka Yamagishi
[Fuuka is currently sitting in a booth in the Olivine cafe, with Jupiter to her right. She waves to the camera after she takes a sip of some coffee.]

Good afternoon, everyone! I've finally made it to Olivine... though I think I'm a little late. Hopefully Mitsuru senpai and the others are still here.. [after she finishes that sentence, a waitress comes by and plops a platter of a large steak on Fuuka's table.] G-Geez, this place really is for sailors... I've never seen a steak so big in my life. .... Now that I think about it, what's this steak made of...? .. um,  I think I'll just eat the celery it came with..

[as she says this, a meowth comes into view and snatches the snake, tossing it on the floor and nibbling on it.] M-Mercury! You could've at least asked... oh, I caught one of these Meowth while on the way here. He's... a little bit of a handful though. [giggle.]  He kind of reminds me of Junpe-- Hey, what are you doin-- [the feed cuts off abruptly as Mercury's paw flies to the gear.]
Fuuka Yamagishi
04 April 2011 @ 04:26 am
[It's horribly late, but a certain teal haired girl is still roaming about. In fact, she just now made it into Ecruteak. As she sets foot in the Pokemon center, she shifts the angle of the feed so her face is visible, and she smiles.]

Good morning, everybody! Heh, I'm sure no one's up this late... I guess I'm used to staying up all night. I'm actually not that tired at all.

I've decided to take a break for a while and stay in this town, at least for a week or so. Mitsuru, please don't be mad... I've just been traveling for... how long? A month? ... Have I really been trapped here for a month? [fuuka looks away, looking a bit solemn. She was beginning to wonder if she'd ever see her home again.]

U-Um, anyway, I got one of those... Ditto pokemon. I heard that they're useful for breeding. Er, when I think about it, this job sounds more and more... disturbing. Forcing pokemon to... mate. [she blushes a bit. She hadn't even thought about that until now. ... they couldn't reconsider their jobs or something?]

Would anyone be interested in some horsea eggs, though? They'd be for free!

Fuuka Yamagishi
08 March 2011 @ 12:24 am
Ah… where am I? [Fuuka looks very confused. She feels as if she can’t even move; her eyes are just carefully surveying her surroundings.] I don’t think this is Tartarus, is it? No, I can’t sense any shadows… Actually, I can’t sense anything… how odd.

[In her hands is a sprightly Horsea, wiggling around a bit to make his presence known. Fuuka giggles.] The people here keep calling these animals Pokemon. Isn’t that one of those games that Junpei plays? I wouldn’t know, I’ve only ever played computer games…

If anyone has seen any of my friends, could you please tell me? Their names are Minato, Mitsuru, Junpei, Akihiko, Ken, and Koromaru. And… [Fuuka gives a sheepish smile.] It’d be nice if someone could tell me what’s going on.
Fuuka Yamagishi
07 March 2011 @ 04:16 pm
You know the drill. Tell me how I'm doing with Fuuka here! Anon enabled, screening on, and IP logging off.